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Official Candidates for the 2018 STYP Election


Kyle NedlikkyleNedlik2016
Since joining STYP in 2014, I have been a member for four years, serving on the STYP Executive Committee as a board member in 2015, and as Vice President / Civic Committee Chair in 2016 and 2017. Growing up in Binghamton, studying at B.U., and now pursuing my career here in Broome County has developed within me a sense of commitment to our local community and the organizations I have been involved with, and their sustainment and improvement.Since becoming involved on the STYP executive committee, I have seen the organization grow and develop in a positive way. Opportunities for our organization and our members continue to grow. STYP is an inherently dynamic organization, where I have learned that continuing to host new and fresh events is just as important for our organization as maintaining and developing our annual, successful, staple events.Continuing to grow our presence in the community is important – as your president, I plan to continue the growth of the connections we have fostered, while continuing to create new connections through continued outreach and attendance at our events. I will work with our board to clarify and more concisely define STYP’s mission and vision, helping us to be more consistent and strategic in pursuing arising opportunities moving forward, and assisting us in planning events that continue to benefit our members. I am committed to continuing our organization’s path of upward trajectory through 2018. I hope as a result of my continued involvement and commitment to our organization, I can count on your vote for president. Thank you.

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Vice President

Aisha JasperAisha
Having been a Board Member for the past year I would like to see STYP continue to provide diverse and meaningful value to young professionals in the Southern Tier. Specifically I would like to see our events act as a means to attract and retain young talent in our region. My experience lies heavily in the world of Workforce Development, Marketing and Cultural Affairs however I have a strong passion for networking amongst our fellow community organizations and am a member of several including Broome Leadership Institute, the Young Professional Alliance & the New York State Mentoring Program.
Nikita RobinsonNikitaRobinson
I became a proud member of STYP in 2015. Since 2016, I have had the pleasure of serving as a Board Member and the Chair of the Professional Development Committee. In 2016, I worked with the committee to bring the first major professional development event to our membership, partnering with the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce, Binghamton University, and Visions Federal Credit Union. Since that event, I have continued to work with the committee to bring meaningful and impactful events to the STYP membership.Though I am a Binghamton native, I gained a network and group of friends that I would not have otherwise, a network that has help me to grow personally and professionally. Some of my STYP passions include helping other young professionals expand their networks and experience growth, in addition to helping new young professionals assimilate to the area.

If elected, I will use my talents, passion, and abilities to further facilitate STYP’s goals and missions.

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Emily HotchkissEmilyHotchkiss

Last year, I served on the STYP board as an Executive Committee member and would like to increase my involvement on the board. My goal for STYP, over the coming year, is to create a clear purpose and direction for the organization in the mix of growing opportunities and interest to support young professionals in this region.Previously, I held treasurer positions in various high school clubs and worked part time for a tax accountant. Currently, I assist family members with bookkeeping for their businesses. I feel my experience in this area will lend itself well to continuing the established procedures put in place by the previous Treasurer.

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Garet SimpsongaretSimpson
As a transplant to the Binghamton area, STYP has proven to be my most effective tool for social networking.  I know all too well the challenges of making friends in a new town.  My passion is to seek out and greet those who are interested in checking out STYP. My main roles this past year have running mixers and updating the website to ensure it is up to-date with our latest news and events. My goal as secretary is to look at our processes for communication and implement improvements. I am a data miner by trade, and I would like to make all current and past STYP data readily available.

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Executive Committee Board Members (9 Positions)

Preston Hertzog I feel STYP is a great organization that allows people to get to know people and the activities and events that are around the southern tier. I would like to see the opportunities grow for people to get familiarize with all of what the southern tier has to offer.
Colin Kilpatrick I am running for this seat because I believe that this organization is important to the community and the overall development of a younger, more professional population for the city of Binghamton. I was born and raised in Binghamton, so as long as I continue to work and live in Binghamton, I would like to help out in any way I can. I believe that I can provide ideas or help brainstorm new opportunities for the organization that can help spread the word about what we do, and increase the networking between other young professionals as well.

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