Escape Room Outing


Join STYP on Thursday, December 12th, at 6:30PM for our second escape room outing at Xscapes on 135 East Frederick Street in Binghamton! Working together alongside your team, try your chance at escaping from one of the four escape rooms (descriptions below) before time runs out!

$10 – STYP members
$20 – All other attendees
Must sign up on or before 12/09/2019

100% of your entry cost goes towards fundraising efforts for the Southern Tier Independence Center, whose mission it is to help people in our local community with various disabilities.

Important Information to Note:

-Signups will be limited to the first 32 people who register through the Paypal link (see below). Additionally, we can not accommodate late registrations or walk-ins for this event.
-You MUST arrive on time in order to participate. The venue does not allow for late starts.
-Escape room selection will be determined the day of the event once the entire group has arrived. If you have a preference, you may announce it then.

Valley of the Kings:

Your archeological team’s quest is to unlock the secrets of the Pharaoh’s tomb and understand the significance in the positions of the three Great Pyramids of Giza. The Egyptian culture was sophisticated, powerful, and complex. Unlock many of it’s secrets in Valley of he Kings.

The Twilight Zone:

Your group of Twilight Zone fans has been given exclusive access to Rod Serling’s Cayuga Lake writer’s cottage. It is here that you will learn more about the man behind the show and his many other amazing accomplishments. Your journey into the realm will be a transformative experience. Sight, sound, mind, shadow, substance, things, ideas, and surprises are just beyond that opening door.

Pulse (new this year):

The FBI has detained a former civilian consultant at a U.S.A.F. Research Lab, for involvement in the alleged plot to activate an Electromagnetic Pulse device. Your team from the Department of Homeland Security EMP Task Force has been dispatched to gather evidence related to this conspiracy. An EMP would cripple the US electrical grid and disable all electronic devices leading to chaos and societal collapse. Agents should proceed with extreme caution.

Wizard and Dragon (new this year):

In the Subterranean caves beneath the remote glacier Drangajokull lays the lair of Nidreki the Awesome and feared fire dragon of the North. Spakonur, the wizard of Akueryri Iceland, has taken the Dragon’s eggs to increase his power and train the young dragons. You must go to the Wizard’s house, retrieve the eggs and return them to a very angry dragon before she burns down the entire town. You must not let the dragon see you.

Escape Room